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September 2020

Thursday 24th September

This week's Science involved a lot of cutting! We made our own panpipes to investigate how pitch changes in different lengths of straws. One group made 'regular' panpipes, one group made a set of panpipes that were all short, and another group made panpipes with long straws. We had lots of fun trying to hear what sound the different types of panpipes made, and came to the conclusion that the shorter pipes made a higher pitch, and the longer straws made a lower pitch.

Tuesday 22nd September

In RE we are learning about what it means to be a 'saviour'. We acted out some of the most well-known bible stories, identifying the part in the story where there was a mention of someone being saved. We learned about 'Jesus feeds the 5000', 'Jesus calms a storm' and 'Jesus raises a widow's son'. See if you can work out which of these stories Barn Owls are acting out.

Thursday 17th September

In Science we are learning all about sound - what it is, how it's made and how we can hear it. This week we made our own instruments and talked about what pitch is and how we can change it. We came to the conclusion that the tighter the 'strings' the higher the pitch was, and the looser the strings the lower the pitch.

Monday 7th September

Today Barn Owls kicked off their History topic with their Stone Age hook afternoon! We made a human timeline showing just how long ago the Stone Age was, then we made some super models of Stonehenge.

Friday 4th September

Today we learned about place value in numbers up to 10,000. We drew visual representations of different numbers for our partners to guess, thinking about how many thousands, hundreds, tens and ones there were. 


Then in the afternoon we developed our team building skills by trying to make a cup pyramid without touching the cups - the wind made this extra challenging!

Thursday 3rd September

Barns Owls had a great first few days getting back into the swing of things and getting to know their new teacher. We had lots of fun in the forest school area, using the natural environment to create different artwork. Some of us made people, houses, and even their imaginary animals that we wrote about during the morning (such as an Elefish or a Spidersheep!). We then challenged ourselves to accurately describe a picture for our partner to draw using lots of positional language - there were some very interesting results!