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World Book Day

7th March 2019


The whole school have had a wonderful day dressing up, listening to stories, writing and swapping books. 





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Key Stage One


The children have enjoyed designing a magical machine to help with their story writing.  We are looking forward to reading the finished stories.   In Science some shadow puppets were made and this gave a wonderful opportunity to create more stories!

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Key Stage Two 


 After our visit from the author James Campbell yesterday the children have enjoyed being reporters from 'The Trinity Times.'



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Reading and Writing 

Progress over time - writing
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Ducklings (Early Years)

Ducklings (Early Years) 1
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Ducklings (Early Years) 3

Goldfinch and Greenfinch (Key Stage One)

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Tawny Owl and Barn Owl (Lower Key stage Two) 


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British Values


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Art & DT
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Owls have been busy making bridges.  After writing a specification, the children measured the wood and carefully used a saw to cut the lengths needed.  A glue gun was used to join the pieces together.  The bridges were tested and evaluated. Triangular shapes proved important for giving the structures stability (bracing) and strength (like a girder).
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Key stage 2 have been finding out about the impressionist artist Claude Monet.  

Monet was the founder of the impressionist movement.  He was focused on capturing movement and changing light and colour in his paintings and was less concerned with realism. He wanted to paint how humans look upon a scene, rather than what is actually there.  We have been busy creating a colour palette and using specific brush strokes to give the feeling of light and reflection.    


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The OVO Energy Women's Cycle Tour 2019


Barn owls have produced 'Bicycle Art' to be displayed in Stowmarket shop windows.  Have a look around town to see if you can spot any of their art. 

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Maths Parents Share 09.02.2017

Maths Parents Share 09.02.2017 1
Maths Parents Share 09.02.2017 2
Maths Parents Share 09.02.2017 3
Maths Parents Share 09.02.2017 4
Maths Parents Share 09.02.2017 5
Maths Parents Share 09.02.2017 6

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