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West Stow trip - October 2021


As part of our History topic, we visited West Stow's Anglo Saxon village and museum. It was so fabulous to be able to go out on a School trip again! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves whilst exploring and discovering facts about the past.

In the museum, we were given time to investigate and handle artefacts which were fascinating. In the afternoon, we visited the huts in the Anglo Saxon village which all had something different to add to our knowledge and understanding of what life was like during Anglo Saxon times.

We ended the day with a walk around the Beowulf Trail.



This half term we have been listening to rock music by bands such as Bon Jovi and Queen. We have definitely enjoyed rocking out and playing a lot of air guitar as well as playing along to Living on a Prayer on glockenspiels. 

SPACE DAY - 3.9.21

What a magnificent day we've had! We made papier mache planets, investigated film canister rockets, made paper rockets and launched them using an air compressor. We were all delighted to see just how high they flew.