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Summer term

Learning about the Titanic

In Science this half term, we are learning about the sinking of the Titanic. To begin our learning we carried out 3 investigations. 

For the first, we used inflated balloons to investigate upthrust. We tried to push the balloons under water, but it turned out to be really hard work!

In the second investigation, we looked at what would happen to peeled and non-peeled oranges when we dropped them into water. We found out that the peeled orange sank, while the non-peeled orange floated. 

We also looked at what would happen to a tealight when it was dropped into water. We predicted that because it was solid it would sink, however, we were surprised to find it floated. 

In our final investigation, we looked at what would happen to clay and foil when they were scrunched up above the water compared to what happened when they were scrunched up under water. 

We found that the clay sank in both scenarios, but the foil floated when scrunched above the water. 


Micro:bit Madness! 

In our computing unit this half term, we have been learning how to programme Micro:bits using MakeCode to create interactive toys and games. 


Communication through history

This half term, we have been thinking about the ways communication has changed over time. We began by looking at cave paintings. Then, we had a go at making our own. 


In the next lesson, we looked at medieval books. We made, stitched and decorated our very own books. We made our own vegetable paints,which we used to draw illuminated letters on the front covers of our books (beetroot red and kale green). 

Then, we looked at the ways the invention of the printing press changed communication. 

We created our own printing tiles and used the prints as part of a newspaper article. 

Spring term