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Encourage children to read a range of different texts - comics, e-books, magazines, poems, newspapers, signs - anything that interests them! This will help with word recognition, pronunciation and meaning of words in different contexts.


Audio books are a really good way to help support children's reading, so they can hear the words being read and link it to how the word looks.


Play games linked to reading :

- 'I Spy'. Can you find a word beginning with... 

- How many adjectives/nouns/verbs can you see?


Reading comprehension

When children are reading, ask them lots of questions about the text to help deepen their understanding of what they have read, e.g:

- What do you think will happen next?

- How do you think the character feels?

- What does xyz word mean? Why do you think the writer used that word?

- Why did the character do/say that? 


Above all - make reading fun and inspiring - use silly voices; act out the story with the children; act out an alternative version; write their version of the next chapter; draw a picture to show what has happened.