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6.12.22 - Following on from our RE learning this half term, we led a Christingle service for the rest of the school.

28.11.22 - Today we visited the local church to find evidence that Christians believe Jesus is God incarnate.

25.11.22 - Today we made our fajitas that we designed. We chopped and cooked the ingredients and made our own guacamole and tomato salsa, before filling our wraps with our favourite fillings.

8.11.22 - The UKS2 football team had a fantastic time representing the school at the recent tournament. They won the first three matches and drew 1-1 in the semi-final. Amazingly, they made it through to the next round!

3.11.22 - We had a great time learning about where different vegeables come from around the world and learning how to prepare and cook them. We are going to use this to help us prepare our own meal later in the half term.

17.10.22 - We had a fantastic trip to Duxford!

26.9.22 - We made some cakes based on a WWII recipe. We weren't convinced that a cake without egg would taste nice, but we were pleasantly surprised.

23.9.22 - Goshawks enjoyed programming the Microbits. We created flashing hearts, name tags and some people even made a game of 'Rock, paper, scissors'.

23.9.22 - Years 5 and 6 took part in the schools cross country competition. Well done to W and E, who came second and third, and for all of the children for coming second overall.

22.9.22 - We enjoyed our video call with Mrs Knight's nan, who told us about her time being evacuated in the war. It was great to be able to ask her questions about her experiences.

15.9.22 - We had a lovely afternoon practising our sewing skills and learning different stitches in preparation for our 'Make do and mend' projects this half term.