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Maths Learning

Mastering Number!

At Trinity we follow the Mastering Number program, which helps us to get a really good understanding of our numbers, and number composition. 

Below are some videos to teach you all about the words we use in our maths mastery learning!

Part-Part Whole!

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We have been using our number bonds to partition numbers quickly, using part part whole models.

Part-Part Whole


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When we subitise, we can look at a group of objects and know how many are there without having to count. During the first half of the Autumn term we have learnt how to subitise up to 3 objects. We will soon be learning to do the same to 5 and beyond!

Counting Rules!

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In Ducklings we have counting rules. These help us to count carefully!

Counting rules and actions!

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1. Point: Point to each object as you count it.
2. Move: Sometimes we can't do this, but if we can, we put the objects into a line so we can clearly see them.
3. Count out loud: Say the number out loud as we count.
4. One number at a time: Only say one number as we point to each object.

If we follow all these rules we will be carefull counters!

Number bonds!


In Mastering number we look carefully at all of the different ways numbers can be composed. 

Number bonds to 2

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Number bonds to 3

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We use the number blocks to help us with our maths learning!

Below is a link to the number blocks episodes!

Autumn term:

Ducklings are learning all about repeating patterns, simple shapes and counting to 5!

Repeating Patterns!

Repeating patterns have to be the same as they continue. We have been busy making patterns using colours, numbers, shapes and natural objects. Can you make a repeating pattern using objects that you find at home?

Making patterns out of natural materials

Using the IWB to make continuing shape patterns!




We are learning all about squares, triangles, rectangles and circles this half term! We are finding out how many sides and corners each shape has!

Making shapes using our bodies!