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March 2021

Friday 26th March

An egg-stravaganza! In Maths we put all of our learning (and some revision too) to practise and went on an Easter egg hunt! Some clues needed some measurements converting, some needed more than one operation (+, -, x, /) to solve, and some involved ordering measurements. Each clue had a letter which created an Easter-themed message. Barn Owls had lots of fun trying to figure it out!

Wednesday 24th March

Maths - Today Barn Owls had lots of fun putting their adding and measuring (and converting!) skills to the test. The children made their own paper areoplanes to test out, measured the distance they flew, and then added it to the next person's distance. They then challenged themselves to convert their distances to just centimetres - we had some crazy results!

Monday 22nd March

Measuring in Maths! Today we expanded our measurements skills by measuring in metres and centimetres. First we used the terms 'longer than' and 'shorter than' to state which items in our class were longer or shorter than a metre. Then we went outside and measured the items around us by using tape measures and trundle wheels. We then challenged ourselves to convert our measurements from m and cm to just cm.

Friday 19th March

Red Nose Day! We all dressed up in our finest red outfits and got our funny hats on! We wrote some super acrostic poems and told some great jokes! Which one do you like?

Red Nose Day Joke 1

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Red Nose Day Joke 2

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Red Nose Day Joke 3

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Red Nose Day Joke 4

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Red Nose Day Joke 5

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Red Nose Day Joke 6

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PSHCE - Keeping Safe

Today we also had fun thinking about a range of situations and how they could be dangerous. At first we laughed at some of the scenarios - "How could they be dangerous?!" we asked. But as we started to think more about potential dangers, the more we realised that dangers can present themselves in different ways. We ordered different images from most to least dangerous - take a look and see if you agree with our ideas.

Thursday 18th March

Science - Teeth and Eating

Today we learnt about our digestive system and the different parts that help us to digest food. We had lots of fun drawing around ourselves and then explaining the function of different body parts!

Wednesday 17th March

Today Barn Owls done some quizzes in English and Maths, so to reward ourselves for all the hard work we played board games! Lots of us learned to play a range of new games, from Guess Who to Don't Say It to Connect 4. We had a smashing time!

Tuesday 16th March

In Maths we moved on from Statistics to Measurement. So what was the best thing to do? Measure items around the classroom! We had fun finding out how long things were - we used our knowledge of cm and mm to measure the items and then we challenged ourselves to convert the measurements to just mm.

Monday 15th March 

Computing - HTML

Today we learned about a very tricky concept - how websites are made using code! We used a special website to practise code which helped us to see how different tags and coding translated into the website that people can see. We explored how to change the size of the text, how to make it bold and italic, and how to start a new paragraph.

Tuesday 9th March 

In Maths we kick-started our Statistics unit by going into the Forest School area to collect data about what we could find in there. We captured our data by using tallies and then we turned our data into bar charts. We discussed the importance of looking at our data and figuring out a suitable scale, along with the importance of bars not touching, and labelling the categories. We took advantage of the sunny weather and drew our bar charts out of chalk.

Art - Watercolour

As the day was particularly sunny we became proper artists who paint 'en plain air', using watercolour to capture the outside scenery. We decided to paint the hill and the slides, showing the shadows and the bright sky. 

Monday 8th March

Barn Owls kicked off the first day by playing a French version of guess who! This helped us to revise colours and body parts, along with practising the correct word order when describing something. With some helpsheets and lots of practise, we had lots of fun figuring out which alien our partner had chosen.

Welcome back! 

It was lovely to welcome back Barn Owls after so many weeks of home learning - meeting virtually just wasn't the same! Although Barn Owls have been at home, they have been very busy and have done some fantastic things. Take a look at what they've been up to!