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Peace train!

For value day Duckling's were learning about the values of Peace and Love. We read the story of the Peace train and the children thought about how they could spread messages of peace and love throughout our school. Together they decorated the train and took it for a ride around the school to spread peace and love.

Releasing our butterflies!

Duckling's have been looking after some caterpillars. We watched them get bigger and bigger until they made themselves cocoons, and then hatched out into beautiful butterflies. Today we released them ready for them to begin the life cycle again. Before they flew off, they landed on us to say goodbye!

Trip to Colchester zoo

We have been learning all about habitats, and life cycles this half term. We went on a trip to Colchester zoo to see some of the animals that we have been learning about!

Chinese New Year!

In Ducklings we have been learning all about China. The children have been making a Chinese dragon for their Chinese dragon dance, comparing the size of China to other countries, running their Chinese restaurant and inventing their own dragons! We even had a Chinese feast to celebrate the first day of the Lunar Year!

Building a house for the Gingerbread Man!

Today the Gingerbread man needed some help building a new house using manmade objects. Ducklings worked together as a team to build a fantastic house for The Gingerbread man and his friends.

The Nativity!

Ducklings loved being animals in the Nativity!

Exploring the reading area. 


The children in ducklings love exploring books in the reading area. They use the pictures in the books to tell their friends and the book bears stories. 

New Sand Pit!


We have been very lucky in Ducklings class and have received sand to fill up our new sandpit. The children have been very busy using their buckets and spades to help move the sand into the sand pit. They have had lots of fun playing in the new sand!

Ducklings made bread for the Little Hen Red 


In Ducklings class we read the story of the Little Red Hen. The children were very worried that the poor hen had to do so much work herself, so they decided to help her. They made loaves of bread using a recipe to help them. Then they tasted the bread once it had been cooked. 

Autumn Walk 


Ducklings class went on an Autumn walk! We knew it was Autumn because the leaves were changing colour. We found lots of brown and orange crunchy leaves.