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English Learning In Action

The year 5s and 6s put on a fantastic performance of Snow White for their end of year show!

Ducklings have been very busy completing lots of independent writing tasks all around the provision!

Year 5 have been following different sets of written instructions such as: How to make a paper poppy, how to make an egg float, how to use chopsticks and how to draw a bird. Afterwards, they discussed whether the instructions were effective or not. They looked at the features of instructional texts and created a list of essential things to include in instructions so that they can be followed successfully.

Year 2 English Continuous Provision

Year 5 have really been enjoying getting into role as the witches from Macbeth. They adapted their voices brilliantly and improvised using classroom equipment as props. Using evidence from the text, they have written short detailed descriptions of the witches.

Year 1 Enjoying World Book Day 2024!

Year 6 - World Book Day fun!

Year 1- We are enjoying our new book 'Lost and Found'. We worked in groups to put the picture cards in order and retold the story verbally.

Year 3 have been practising using reported and direct speech. We wrote a sentence using reported speech making sure it was written in the past tense and in the third person. We then wrote some direct speech in a speech bubble. Finally we re-wrote the direct speech swopping the speech bubble for inverted commas. We now hope to include both features in our newspaper reports for our Wonderful Writing.

Ducklings have been busy working on their sounding out, writing words independently!

Goldfinch class- We love practising our tricky words in different ways!

Over 75 pupils returned to school in the evening wearing their pyjamas, excited to meet Cerrie Burnell (a past presenter of CBeebies and now a children's author) and to take part in a Reading Workshop. 

Cerrie stimulated our imaginations and we loved making up our own stories using her scarlett umbrella to prompt our thoughts!

Every pupil enjoyed hot chocolate and a biscuit and took home a new book kindly provided  by The Literacy Trust



Reading Buddies - Across the whole school on a Friday afternoon the children go and join their reading buddy and enjoy sharing books together.

Year 5 are thoroughly enjoying our current class text 'The Nowhere Emporium.' Today, we became the curious crowd that gathered outside the mysterious shop that appeared from nowhere! We were engrossed in our role and used evidence from the text to react to events in the book. Afterwards, some of us were journalists interviewing the crowd to find out facts and opinions for our newspaper report.

Year 4 - Researching Information for our non-fiction writing about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb

Year 4 - Gathering and recording facts in groups about rainforests using videos and books

Year 5 - Footprints Theatre Workshop

Year 5 took part in a Footprints Theatre workshop where they had lots of opportunities for drama and storytelling using a wide range of objects. There was a great deal of laughter along with creative thinking and imaginative vocabulary which they will incorporate into their written work.

Year 2 enjoying the provision during English. Matching suffix words, role playing Roald Dahls Revolting Rhymes and creating story maps outside.

Puppet shows!


Ducklings have been putting on lots of puppet shows. They have been using the puppets to tell the stories of the traditional tales that we have been exploring in our English lessons. 

Phonics practice!


Ducklings have been using their phonics skills to make words out of the puzzle pieces to match up to the pictures. There was some fantastic sounding out and blending!

The Three Little Pigs. 


Ducklings have really enjoyed learning lots of different traditional tales. They have especially liked the Three Little Pigs. Ducklings have been authors and illustrators and after working together to sequence the story they have been writing one or two simple sentences each day. By the end of the week they had each written a lovely Three Little Pig story!



Year 5 are reading The Girl of Ink and Stars. Using chalk, they spent some time creating a map of the Isle of Joya, from the book, on the playground (see the slideshow of photographs below.) Back in class, they have been writing some absolutely amazing but gruesome descriptions of the setting. Every member of the class has thought very carefully about their choice of vocabulary including using similes and personification in order to have the greatest impact on the reader. Here are some extracts from their writing:


'On the outskirts of Gromera, an invisible force of dull, towering, impenetrable trees stood guarding the border. Tangled, twisted thorns (that were big enough to go through a foot) were souls of the previous people who dared to escape the Forgotten Territories.'


'A murky river filled with fish bones and leaves from the trees, meant barely any light passed through. Tree roots were reaching out for water, dying of thirst. Scattered leaves and thorns were everywhere and the stench of rotten fish filled the air.'


'Beyond the river, the peculiar, revolting substance bubbled up like a drowning human trying to breathe but eventually perished. The swamp was like a malnourished shark waiting for the right time to strike. The mud was spreading like an infection becoming more threatening, immobilizing whoever's feet dared to take a step.'