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English Learning In Action

Year 5 are reading The Girl of Ink and Stars. Using chalk, they spent some time creating a map of the Isle of Joya, from the book, on the playground (see the slideshow of photographs below.) Back in class, they have been writing some absolutely amazing but gruesome descriptions of the setting. Every member of the class has thought very carefully about their choice of vocabulary including using similes and personification in order to have the greatest impact on the reader. Here are some extracts from their writing:


'On the outskirts of Gromera, an invisible force of dull, towering, impenetrable trees stood guarding the border. Tangled, twisted thorns (that were big enough to go through a foot) were souls of the previous people who dared to escape the Forgotten Territories.'


'A murky river filled with fish bones and leaves from the trees, meant barely any light passed through. Tree roots were reaching out for water, dying of thirst. Scattered leaves and thorns were everywhere and the stench of rotten fish filled the air.'


'Beyond the river, the peculiar, revolting substance bubbled up like a drowning human trying to breathe but eventually perished. The swamp was like a malnourished shark waiting for the right time to strike. The mud was spreading like an infection becoming more threatening, immobilizing whoever's feet dared to take a step.'