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October 2020

Monday 19th October

On our final lesson of our History topic, we put all of our learning together to show what progress was made over the Early, Middle and New Stone Age. We acted out what prehistoric people ate, what weapons they had and how their houses changed over time.


Thursday 15th October

We made telephone cups to investigate what would happen when we spoke into them. We discussed what the sound source was, where the vibrations travelled and how the other person could hear through the their cup. 

Tuesday 6th October

In R.E Barn Owls were looking at the picture 'Who Cares?' By Mauricio Palacio. It shows William Booth's vision of the lost, representing people ignoring those wanting to be saved, to get on with their own lives.


We recreated the picture and talked about how we felt when we were the people on the stage, and the people in the sea. 


Friday 2nd October

Barn Owls really enjoyed experimenting with natural materials in Art this week. We are building up to making our own cave paintings, so we became cavemen and mixed our 'paints' with 'brushes' and got very mucky in the process!