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Autumn 2 2021

R.E - Islam and submission

The children have been learning about how Muslims submit and obey to Allah. We have been exploring the ways that Muslims show submission through their prayer rituals. We learned that Muslims wash their hands, face, arms, head and feet multiple times before entering the prayer room, and there are different positions for Muslims to pray in. We had a go at showing these poses using playdough!


Science - bones and the skeleton

Barn owls have moved on to learning about the bones and our skeleton. We learned the scientific names for the main bones (and liked the link between the name 'funny bone' and its scientific name: humorous!) and then made some great cotton bud skeletons. We then discussed the purpose of a skeleton and linked this to jelly - the jelly was our brain, and the container was our skeleton. Without the container (skeleton), the jelly (brain) could become damaged!

Computing - Debugging

This term we have been learning how to solve problems in code - known as debugging. So far we have learned to fix off-by-one bugs, performance bugs, multi-thread bugs and conceptual bugs. We've been surprised to learn how resilient we are and how we rise to challenges. Our favourite code so far has been making two sprites take it in turns to talk.

Anti-bullying week 15th-19th Nov

This week Barn Owls have been learning about anti-bullying and the importance of 'one kind word'. We started the week by discussing why everyone was wearing wonderfully odd socks, and the importance of celebrating our differences. 


We then watched this video and talked about the message of the video, and who was being unkind. 


Barn Owls then investigated a range of situations and discussed whether someone was being bullied or not. We talked about the different emotions that bullies and victims would feel in those situations.

Science - Sugary drinks

This week the children investigated how much sugar is in some drinks. We calculated how much sugar was in the whole drink, and then measured out that amount to see what that amount looked like. We were very surprised that one of the drinks contained 84 grams of sugar!

English - Marvellous Medicines!

This term's English focus is George's Marvellous Medicine. The children have been learning to use exciting adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe their own disgusting medicine! They had lots of fun observing what happened when they mixed their own ingredients together. 

(Pop) Art!

This term's Art unit focuses on the pop art style. The children were introduced to Roy Lichtenstein and some of his work, before moving on to creating their own pop art piece.

PSHCE - Bullying

Today the children became bullies.. to an apple! We made our apples into 'people' and 'bullied' them by saying unkind things and then dropping the apples onto the floor. We discussed how there was no damage on the outside, but there was on the inside. The children talked about how this shows the effect of bullying, as you can't always see the hurt that bullies cause. We then talked about how saying sorry might not always be enough - we wrote some kind things about a friend on a piece of paper and ripped it up! We tried to sellotape it back together - with the tape being the act of saying sorry - but we realised that the damage had already been done.

Science - Food and our Bodies

This week the children started their new unit by looking at lots of different food. We thought about which animals ate those foods, and whether they are omnivores, carnivores or herbivores. There was a unanimous decision that the cat food was the smelliest!


This week Barn Owls have been working hard on their addition and subtraction skills. They have been using column methods, number lines and part-part-whole models to work out the questions. This week the children had to go on a treasure hunt to find their questions!