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Music - Learning in action

Year 3 have been using the glockenspiels to accompany their singing.

Year 1 have been enjoying music in the music room! This week we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and added our own musical instruments when singing.

Year 5 have been learning to play parts for the song they are learning to sing in their Music lessons. They have been enjoying putting some actions to the lyrics too.


Year 4 have been using the glockenspiels to accompany their singing in our music lessons.

Playing Traditional Chinese music!


Ducklings have learnt all about China and the Chinese New Year Celebrations. They have found out about the Dragon Dance and have been taking part in their own dance as a class. We have been listening to traditional Chinese music when dancing and today the children had a go at making their own Chinese music using the different instruments. They worked together to make a song and follow the beat carefully.