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July 2021

Monday 12th July

The day after the Euros was a more relaxed one than usual - Barn Owls had fun trying a new skill - speed stacking. Some of the children were surprised to learn that they could stack cups in under 2 seconds! They were then challenged to stack them using only string and rubber bands, and also had fun making their own puppet show.

Friday 9th July

We began sports day with blast; hoop throwing, duck hooking, bucket filling, ball-scooping and javelin-throwing! Hopefully the weather will be nicer to us next week so that we can do the final races.

Thursday 8th July 

Barn Owls developed their biking skills by having a go on BMX bikes. The children were challenged to stand whilst riding and keep their pedals level; they also had to keep within the course! It was really great to see some children flying and some children having their first ride on a bike without stabilisers. Then in the afternoon the children were put through their paces in bootcamp and enjoyed a game of human connect 4.

On Thursday afternoon Barn Owls then continued their DT unit by putting together their potato salads. After designing and annotating what would go into their salads, the children then put their bridge and claw methods of cutting to the test by chopping potatoes, peppers, cornichons and spring onions ready to go into the bowl. It's safe to say we had a very fun and delicious afternoon!

Wednesday 7th July

Today Barn Owls enjoyed using their football skills along with trying a new sport - archery! Some of the children really surprised us by being a natural archer, it was fantastic to see!

Sports week - Monday 5th July

Sports week for Barn Owls began with an army assault course and learning some new circus skills! Everyone had a fantastic time racing each other in the assault course and the children really enjoyed learning new tricks like spinning plates and juggling!


Friday 2nd July

Barn Owls continued their Science investigation into structures by investigating which shapes were best for the pillars of the bridge. Once the children had made the different shapes, they then tested the strength of their structure by adding cubes until the 'pillars' collapsed. Some of the children were amazed to see how many cubes their shape could hold!