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Gardening Club


 Gardening club continues to be a popular club to join.  We meet during lunchtimes over the week.  We worked hard last year to earn ourselves a Level 2 RHS gardening award. 


Our year so far....


Autumn 2022

We have been busy learning how to take cuttings from geraniums, planting bedding plants and bulbs in pots that help to make our school grounds more colourful.   We have made bug hotels, been busy weeding and have swept leaves away!    We are growing coriander in our greenhouse. 


Spring Term 2023

The start of the Spring term has a chilly one!  Gardening club managed to plant more bulbs that were donated to us.  We have cleared the last of the leaves and have begun to plan our entry to the Suffolk Show.  


Summer Term 2023

We were very excited to enter the Suffolk Schools Show garden this year and enjoyed  sharing our garden with the visitors to the show.  We began planning the garden in the autumn term, planted seeds and have learnt all about companion planting.  Our bug hotel is amazing! 



Autumn 2023 onwards 

All pupils will be taking part in gardening throughout the school week as part of our fitness activities! 

We are excited to see the the results of the bulbs we planted in the autumn term!

We are busy planting seeds and developing a herb garden

Summer 2023


What a fantastic term!  We have grown tomatoes, beans, peas, courgettes, strawberries, fennel as well as plenty of beautiful flowers from seed.  It has been wonderful to see the insects on these flowers.  When an insect visits the flower to get food, some pollen will stick to its body. The insect then flies off to another flower where some of the pollen may be transferred to the stigma. This transfer of pollen from one flower to another is called cross-pollination.


The Pak choi that we grew bolted, but we don't mind - we now know what the right conditions need to be.

The plants have benefitted from all the rain we have had

Spring Spotter!


In Spring we often see new growth in the garden.


Wildlife Tip: 


Spring is the time birds start building their nests either in trees or bird boxes.  Can you spot any of these common sights in your garden or the school grounds? 



Did you know? 


Bulbs store carbohydrates over winter months to push through the ground and flower in spring. 


Fun Fact: 


The first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere is the first day of autumn in the Southern hemisphere. 


Watering Devices


Some of us have had fun making watering devices to use when we have planted our seeds.  

How to make a watering device


We are busy 'chitting' potatoes before we plant them.  We have put the seed potatoes in egg boxes or paint containers.  They  are kept in a cool, light place to grow buds.