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Spring Term Clubs

 Lunch time clubs - children are invited to sign themselves up to the following clubs :


  • Choir 
  • KS1 Computing 
  • KS2 Computing
  • Gymnastic competition preparation
  • Opportunities for reflection in the prayer room


Pop in to chill and chat if you fancy chatting to a member of staff/ your friends or if you simply want to do some mindfulness colouring in. 


After school Clubs - Parents will be invited to sign up for clubs via Parentmail.  After school clubs run from 3:15-4:15pm 

Gymnastics Dance 


Gardening Club


 Gardening club continues to be a popular club to join.  We meet in a Monday Lunchtime and again after school on Monday.  We worked hard last year to earn ourselves a Level 2 RHS gardening award and are working towards our level 3 this year.  


Autumn 2022

We have been busy learning how to take cuttings from geraniums, planting bedding plants and bulbs in pots that help to make our school grounds more colourful.   We have made bug hotels, been busy weeding and have swept leaves away!    We are growing coriander in our greenhouse. 


Spring Term 2023

The start of the Spring term has a chilly one!  Gardening club managed to plant more bulbs that were donated to us.  We have cleared the last of the leaves and have begun to plan our entry to the Suffolk Show.  





Summer 2022


What a fantastic term!  We have grown tomatoes, beans, peas, courgettes, strawberries, fennel as well as plenty of beautiful flowers from seed.  It has been wonderful to see the insects on these flowers.  When an insect visits the flower to get food, some pollen will stick to its body. The insect then flies off to another flower where some of the pollen may be transferred to the stigma. This transfer of pollen from one flower to another is called cross-pollination.

September 2021


Gardening club is back!  We were delighted that Mr Wyncoll,  Mrs Hopgood, Mrs Rudland and Mrs Burch came into to help clear the weeds that flourished during periods of lockdown.  


Gardening club met for the first time on Monday 27th September.  We continued to clear weeds and began to think about what we want to plant this year. 

July 2020
Thank you to Be and E who took the potatoes home after they had begun chitting at school.  It looks like a very successful crop - great work boys! 

February 2020


We are looking forward to meeting Linda Orford after half term.  She will talk to us about the entry requirements for the Suffolk show, as we are entering later on this year!  

December 2019


Well done to Gardening club.  We raised £68.00 at the Christmas Fayre by selling the bulbs that we planted as well as the decorated bird feeders and decorated plant pots.  

September 2019 


We have been busy harvesting tomatoes, runner beans, potatoes and a variety of flowers.  Some bunches of our flowers were sold to parents carers and grandparents to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support during our coffee afternoon on 27th September. 

Exciting News!


At the end of May 2019, we were awarded a Level 2 RHS award for the work we do during gardening club!  We have received a book as a gift to help us grow a wide variety of plants. 

13th May 2019 

We have planted our runner beans, lettuce and cauliflowers.  The tomatoes have been put into larger pots and the potatoes are growing fast.   During gardening club we tied ribbon to sticks tom scare the birds away! 

Potatoes, onions, Dahlias, courgettes, cosmos and runner beans!

Spring Spotter!


In Spring we often see new growth in the garden.


Wildlife Tip: 


Spring is the time birds start building their nests either in trees or bird boxes.  Can you spot any of these common sights in your garden or the school grounds? 



Did you know? 


Bulbs store carbohydrates over winter months to push through the ground and flower in spring. 


Fun Fact: 


The first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere is the first day of autumn in the Southern hemisphere. 


Watering Devices


Some of us have had fun making watering devices to use when we have planted our seeds.  

How to make a watering device


We are busy 'chitting' potatoes before we plant them.  We have put the seed potatoes in egg boxes or paint containers.  They  are kept in a cool, light place to grow buds. 

April 2019


Shoots are starting to appear for the peas that we planted.  The potatoes are also sprouting.  When we start back in the summer term we will need to cover the leaves with more compost to ensure the plants will give us plenty of potatoes! 

March 2019 


We have been busy sorting out the shed and working out whether we have enough plant pots for the growing season ahead. 


Today (18th March) we finished planting our 'early' potatoes and have started to grow peas.  Next week we will plant the range of courgettes as well as our seed onions.  We are waiting for the last frosts before we plant the Dahlias, sweet peas, french beans and runner beans. 


It is an exciting time... 


Thank you to Roots & Shoots for providing us with compost and seed potatoes - we are very grateful! 





New Shoots

Preparing the beds



Autumn is the time of year when people, animals and birds prepare for the cold winter either by hibernation, migration or gathering extra food supplies. 


Did you know?:


Leaves change colour in the autumn due to the green chorophyll breaking down.  This allows the yellows, reds and purples of other chemicals in the leaves to show.


Wildlife Tip:


Don't forget to put extra food out for birds during the coldest months.


Fun Fact:


The earth is closet to the sun in December, even though the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year.