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Mathematics Learning in Action

How we use technology in Maths

Ducklings have been busy using the scales to find out which objects are the heaviest. They made predictions first and then tested them out to see if they were correct!

Year 2 - superb making shapes to answer questions about them.

In Goldfinch class we love an active maths game! When the music stops you find a partner and add together your numicon!

Busy mathematicians! - Year 1 class

Year 3 are busy learning their times tables.

3d Shapes!


Ducklings have found out all about 3d shapes! They have been learning the names of the different shapes and have been investigating their different properties. They have been on shape hunts around the classroom to see what 3d shapes they can find in the environment around them, have printed using the shapes and have made their own playdough 3d shapes!

Year 6 have been working on the project 'White Rose Bakery'. They designed their own cupcakes before looking at different shops and working out where would be the cheapest place to buy their ingredients, taking into account special offers. They then had to work out how much they needed to sell their cakes for in order to make a profit. Next, they designed and made their own boxes using their knowledge of nets, before finally making their cakes. 



Ducklings have been learning about doubles. They have been making them in lots of different ways!

They have used the numicon, matched up domino pieces, tested out their knowledge on the board and used their fingers to show double facts!


Year 5 spent some time revising their knowledge about angles. They went on a hunt around the school looking for acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles using their right angle finder to help them decide which type of angles they had found. Now that they are super confident with identifying and measuring angles, they are working on calculating angles on a straight line and around a point.

Resources in Mathematics

Pupils using resources to support their Mathematics learning and to show their understanding.