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Photographs of learning

Sports Day 2023


A great day with lots of team spirit. Every child put in their best effort, showed resilience and kept smiling throughout the whole day. 

Sports Week - Day 4


A day of two halves with the weather today. BMX and Playground Games in the morning rain and then Rugby this afternoon in the sunshine. Smiles all round.

Sports Week - Day 3


Swimming, Fun Run and Archery - yet another amazing day. Every single child completed the fun run with some children doing even more than the required 5 laps! In Archery, everyone had great fun and a few children managed to hit the balloon in the centre of the target winning lots of points for their team.

Sports Week - Day 2


Another day full of lots of fun and physical activity. We thoroughly enjoyed playing Dodgeball which was very well led by two of our Sports Leaders. During the afternoon, we had the exciting challenge of completing an Army Assault Course, playing cricket and learning to twirl a baton as a majorette. 

Sports Week - Day 1


What a great start to Sports Week! Maypole dancing, Boccia and Martial Arts. Lots of new skills practised and a great deal of fun was had by all.

Science - density


We explored what happens when you place an orange into a bowl of water and then peel it and put it back in the water. We were amazed to see that the orange floated but sank once it had been peeled. We discussed our ideas about why we thought this happened. The peel has air in it and so keeps the orange afloat  as it makes it less dense than the water.

After that, we scrunched up tin foil (one piece in the air and the other piece whilst it was under water.) The foil scrunched up in the air floated in water whereas the foil scrunched up under the water sank. When the aluminium foil is scrunched out of the water, there is air trapped in the foil which keeps it afloat.


We spent some time revising acute, obtuse and right angles. We used our right angle finders to help us identify what type of angles we had found. Now that we are super confident with this, we are working on calculating angles on a straight line and around a point.


We have been investigating circuits. We predicted whether or not the circuit would light the bulb then tested it to see if our predictions were correct. We are now setting up our own investigations to test a range of scientific questions.

Trip to Ipswich 6.3.23


Although the weather was a bit damp and chilly, we had a great day in Ipswich where we visited 3 different venues to enrich our curriculum learning. We visited the Hindu Mandir, Mary Le Tower Church and Christchurch Park.

Visiting the Hindu Mandir was a wonderful sensory experience - we took our shoes off before entering the shrine room, saw the glorious, sparkling shrine and the room was filled with the delightful scent from incense sticks. We learnt more about Hindus belief in Brahman and the festival of Holi.

At the church, we looked for evidence showing the Christian belief in the Trinity. Their altar cloth was an amazing example of this as it showed the crown, the cross and the dove (Father, son and holy spirit.) We also found lots more examples in the stained-glass windows, church furniture, kneeling cushions and hymn books.

World Book Day 2.3.23


We enjoyed being dressed up as different book characters today. This afternoon, we were told some well-known stories using just 6 words and had to try to work out which well-known stories they were. See if you can work them out:


Golden ticket winner visits chocolate factory


Boy becomes wizard and saves world


Spider bite creates web spinning superhero


Monsters under the bed; parents gone


Challenge: Write a 6 word story for a well-known book and see if your friends and family can work them out.

Tsunami Poems  1.3.23


We read several tsunami poems and looked at tsunami photographs to inspire us to write our own tsunami poems. Some of us worked in a group and some of us worked independently. Can you spot our amazing similes, metaphors or personification? 

Ancient Greek Pots

Ancient Greek Day - 9.2.23

To conclude our learning about Ancient Greece this half term, we all enjoyed dressing as an Ancient Greek and taking part in a variety of activities including: wreath making, learning a Greek dance, making an Olympic torch, mini Olympic Games and a Banquet where we had the opportunity to taste Feta cheese, olives, dried figs and breadsticks washed down with a cup of wine (blackcurrant squash!)

Science visitor - February 2023

A local STEM ambassador visited to tell us how selective breeding is used in sheep farming. We all learnt something new and worked together to apply what we had learnt in an activity where we had to look at which characteristics of different sheep would be most desirable to specific farms. This helped us to decide which species of sheep could be selected for breeding. It was a fascinating and very informative workshop.

Computing - Spring Term 1

Before using the laptops, we explored tessellation with shapes. We created lots of different patterns and talked about which shapes were most effective for tessellating patterns. Once we were confident with how to create these patterns, we worked in pairs to create tessellating patterns on a laptop. 

23.11.22 Science


As part of our Healthy Bodies unit of work, we have been developing our investigative skills. We wanted to find out if there is a relationship between a person's height and their lung capacity. We had great fun measuring our lung capacity by seeing how much air we could blow into a balloon using just one breath. There were a lot of red faces with the amazing effort everyone put in! We measured the circumference of the balloon and recorded everyone's results. We will now analyse our results and plot the data onto a line graph to help us draw a conclusion.

17.11.22 - DT: Making guacamole


We have been learning about where in the world some of our fruits and vegetables come from. We used avocados from Mexico to make our own guacamole. One half of the class made a smooth guacamole whilst the other half of the class made it with bigger chunks. We were delighted to be able to use a tortilla chip to scoop a generous helping of guacamole and have a taste. Both smooth and chunky guacamole were enjoyed with some of us having a firm favourite. Which would you prefer? Have a look at our slideshow below to see how we got on.

Make Do and Mend finished products

23.9.22: History 

We had the privilege to speak with Mrs Knight's grandma 'Nanna Pat' who was evacuated during WWII. We were completely captivated by her; she shared her experiences and memories as well as answering our questions with such grace and humour. 

21.9.22: Science - Reflecting Light


We have had great fun exploring different ways we can reflect light. Some of the children designed mazes and routes then investigated how to use the angle of the mirrors to make the light travel along the pathways.

15.9.22: Design Technology - Make Do and Mend


With the help of several parents, the children learnt how to sew a variety of stitches and sew buttons onto fabric. This was in preparation for making their final designs in their Make Do and Mend projects which is linked to our World War II work. Watch this space for photographs of their finished products.