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Photographs of learning

23.11.22 Science


As part of our Healthy Bodies unit of work, we have been developing our investigative skills. We wanted to find out if there is a relationship between a person's height and their lung capacity. We had great fun measuring our lung capacity by seeing how much air we could blow into a balloon using just one breath. There were a lot of red faces with the amazing effort everyone put in! We measured the circumference of the balloon and recorded everyone's results. We will now analyse our results and plot the data onto a line graph to help us draw a conclusion.

17.11.22 - DT: Making guacamole


We have been learning about where in the world some of our fruits and vegetables come from. We used avocados from Mexico to make our own guacamole. One half of the class made a smooth guacamole whilst the other half of the class made it with bigger chunks. We were delighted to be able to use a tortilla chip to scoop a generous helping of guacamole and have a taste. Both smooth and chunky guacamole were enjoyed with some of us having a firm favourite. Which would you prefer? Have a look at our slideshow below to see how we got on.

Make Do and Mend finished products

23.9.22: History 

We had the privilege to speak with Mrs Knight's grandma 'Nanna Pat' who was evacuated during WWII. We were completely captivated by her; she shared her experiences and memories as well as answering our questions with such grace and humour. 

21.9.22: Science - Reflecting Light


We have had great fun exploring different ways we can reflect light. Some of the children designed mazes and routes then investigated how to use the angle of the mirrors to make the light travel along the pathways.

15.9.22: Design Technology - Make Do and Mend


With the help of several parents, the children learnt how to sew a variety of stitches and sew buttons onto fabric. This was in preparation for making their final designs in their Make Do and Mend projects which is linked to our World War II work. Watch this space for photographs of their finished products.