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DT Learning in Action

DT - Hand Buzzer Games

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to design, make and test their own hand buzzer games. They created an electrical circuit so that if their 'wand' touched the metal wire, it would create a complete circuit, resulting with the buzzer being switched on. Our classroom was certainly buzzing for most of the afternoon!

DT - Making Pizzas

Year 5 have been learning about how yeast works in dough. They also discussed what makes a good pizza. There was a difference of opinion about whether pineapple (or any type of fruit) belonged on pizza. You will see from the pictures below that the children thoroughly enjoyed designing and making their own pizza. Although, their favourite part was definitely eating them! They are now evaluating their designs and deciding what kind of pizza they would like to make next time at home.

Year 3 have been making lamps inspired by Tiffany lamp designs. We also made a circuit so we could make our lamps switch on and off.

Ducklings enjoyed there class book the Gingerbread man. We finished of our Gingerbread man learning by making some of our own. They were very yummy!