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10-Minute Maths (Dorling Kindersley) - This is a racing car game where children use their times tables to race against another car - every correct question pushes your car further ahead of the other racer!


Mental Math Cards - questions are grouped in the different operations (add, subtract, times and divide), or questions can be a mixture of different ones.


Times Tables Rockstars - children are encouraged to go on this daily to help with their times table facts.


Making real life links - ask children to read phone numbers, road signs with distances on, weights in recipes etc.


Ask the children for the time at regular intervals. Encourage them to read from an analogue clock, not just a digital one. Even better if you have a clock with Roman numerals on.


Look for different shapes in newspapers, magazines, art, out in the streets etc.


Play mathematics 'I Spy', e.g. I spy something with 5 sides; I spy something that has a right angle.