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Sports Week day 5 - field events

Sports Week day 4 - BMX

Sports Week day 3 - archery and football

Sports Week day 2 - Space hopper football, hockey and majorettes!

Sports Week day 1 - A fun filled day of tennis, circus skills and an army assault course!

Activities Week day 4 - Swimming, Ringos, Archery and a sleepover at school!

Activities Week day 3 - A trip on the train to Abbey gardens in Bury St Edmunds

Activities week day 2 - A trip to the Museum of East Anglian Life

Activities week day 1 - A trip to the beach!

21.6.21 - We had a visit from the police today to talk about safety.

In Science this half term we are thinking about the Titanic. Today we investigated floating and sinking, buoyancy and up thrust.

Trinity 20 - We learned to knit!

To link with our History and Science units, in DT we designed and made our own Morse code boxes. We then had fun sending each other messages and trying to decode them!

We have been learning about the invention of the printing press and the impact this had on communication. We made our own printing tiles based on a scene from Macbeth.

We learned about the first books and how and why these were written. We then had a go at making our own using the same techniques.

We enjoying making our own Stone Age paintings as part of our history unit - 'How Communication has changed over time'.

Year 6 loved exploring refraction!

Year 6 created some fantastic pieces of work showing what our beautiful ocean should look like and what it might look like if we don't look after it.

World Book Day 2021

Here are some displays of our work from Autumn 2.

We had lots of fun making our own Christmas table decorations. Don't they look fantastic!

In DT this half term we have been designing and building our own toys with a cam mechanism.

In Science we learned about lung capacity. We measured our heights and then measured what size balloon we could blow up with one breath. After comparing the data we found out that the taller people in our class had a large lung capacity.

Odd Socks Day!

6.11.20 - In Geography we have been learning about the Alps. We used different coloured play dough to represent that layers of the Earth and then investigated what happens when two plates collide.

4.11.20 - In Science we have started learning about the circulatory system. We made a model heart to represent how it pumps blood around our bodies. We used a jar covered in a balloon to represent the heart, straws to represent the vein and artery and red juice to represent the blood. We then used red and blue wool to create the circulatory system, thinking about how the blood is oxygenated by the lungs and pumped around the body by the heart.

In RE we have been thinking about 'Incarnation'. We made Christingles and learned about what each part represents.

In History we have been learning about the role of women in WWII. We made propaganda posters to advertise some of the jobs.

21.9.20 - During our history topic of WWII, we have been learning about rationing. We made own own carrot biscuits following a simple WWII recipe.

In Science we have been learning about classification. We went outside, collected different things and made own classification trees to sort them.