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Today the children released their butterflies! They stayed really still and the butterflies flew around them and landed on their hands and heads! 

Hot Cross Buns!


In RE we have been learning all about the Easter story, and Christian Easter traditions. The children learnt about Hot cross Buns and the importance of the cross for Christians. They they all got to try their own Hot Cross Bun!

Making Gingerbread!


We have been reading the story of the Gingerbread man, and decided to make our own gingerbread to try. The children enjoyed mixing the ingredients and rolling them out to make gingerbread men and gingerbread ladies!

Looking after our environment. 


We read the story Tidy, and the children decided they wanted to tidy up the outside area like the Badger in the story. Together they worked hard using the litter pickers to make the school nice and clean and safe for the animals to explore! 

Exploring Capacity


Ducklings have been learning about the word capacity. They have been testing to see which containers have the largest capacity using the mud, water and sand. They have been using their measuring skills to fill containers to half and full capacity. 


Spaghetti sounds


This week the children have been playing with Spaghetti. They have had to save the animals that got caught up in the Spaghetti web, untangle the spaghetti and use it to make spaghetti sounds!

Carrot printing!


The children worked together to make a giant colour wheel using carrot sticks to print with!

Chalk Paint!


The children have been making their own chalk paint in Ducklings class. They crushed pieces of chalk with rolling pins, and then added water and mixed to make some super fun chalk paint, which they used to decorate the outside area!

Repeating patterns!


We have been very busy learning about repeating patterns in maths. Ducklings have made so many fantastic patterns out of the different objects they could find around the classroom!

Jelly Cutting!


We have been learning the j sound this week! The children enjoyed practising their scissor skills and cutting up the very sticky jelly! 

Harvest Festival


Ducklings enjoyed going for a walk to the church and taking part in the Harvest Festival service with the rest of the school. They sang their own version of Old Macdonald and thanked the farmers and God for the food that we have to eat. 

Finding out about where our food comes from!


We have been learning all about where our food comes from and how it gets prepared so it can be eaten. Ducklings have learnt about how farmers get milk from their cows, and how the fields are ploughed to harvest wheat and grains for bread and cereal. We learnt about apples growing on trees.  Each child ate an apple to find the seed in the middle. Then they planted their seeds in the outside area to see if we can make more apples grow in the future!

Exploring the new environment!


Duckling class have had a fantastic first few weeks getting to know each other, and exploring the classroom and outside area. They have been playing in the kitchen, sharing stories in the reading den, drawing with chalk and making some fantastic models.