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April 2021

Friday 30th April

In our new Art unit we are focusing on making Egyptian Death masks! We first researched lots of different types of masks that were worn in different contexts, then the children used pictures as inspiration to design their own - we then got on to the exciting making part! The children used papier mache and news paper to make their 'face' part stand out a little - they were very excited to be ripping all the paper.

Thursday 29th April

We have really been enjoying our new Science unit exploring electricity. I challenged the children to make a simple circuit from a few wires, a cell and bulb - they rose to the challenge excellently and made some super circuits.

Tuesday 27th April


In Maths Barn Owls have been working hard on their new fraction unit. They first began by showing different representations (drawings) of unit and non-unit fractions, before moving on to finding fractions of numbers, e.g. 1/3 of 15. Here are some of our creative representations!

Wednesday 21st April

We finally had a look to see how well our mummified tomatoes had been preserved! The 'natron' mixture kept the tomatoes in pretty good condition and we compared to what this would have been like for the Egyptian mummies.

Thursday 15th April

Food glorious food... mixed in with a bit of Maths! Barn Owls kicked off their perimeter unit by carefully measuring the perimeter of lots of different biscuits! It's safe to say that we enjoyed our lesson... and the treat at the end!

Welcome back!

Tuesday 13th April - Egyptian day

Today was all about the Ancient Egyptians. First, Barn Owls learnt about mummification before working together to mummify a tomato. They scooped out the gooey insides, much like the Egyptians, and then poured natron (a salt mixture) to preserve it. After, Barn Owls wrote their name in hieroglyphs, turned themselves into pharaohs and made Egyptian jewellery, which was very fiddly!