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December 2020

Thursday 17th - Friday 18th December

Barn Owl class have well and truly gotten into the Christmas spirit this week. Over the last couple of days we have been busy making Christmas crafts - beautiful 'glass stained' decorations. Barn Owls also ticked off one of their Trinity Twenty activities and designed their own board game, with a Christmas twist to it! 


We hope you all have a lovely and safe Christmas, and we will see you in the new year!

Thursday 10th December

In Science the children have been learning about classifying living things and grouping them into their scientific groups (birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and fish). They have also learned about classification keys and how they are used. Today we used an invertebrate classification key to find out what invertebrates were lurking in our forest school area. We made a tally of our finds and then drew a bar graph to show our findings.

Tuesday 8th December

Today we began to measure, mark and cut the wooden rods that we needed for the suspension bridge. We talked about how to use hand saws and the importance of cutting straight. The children were fantastic in making sure everyone was kept safe by carefully cutting.

Monday 7th December

In French Barn Owls have been learning numbers to 20, along with some different animals and phrases such as 'I have' and 'I prefer'. They enjoyed playing a snap game in which they had to say how many animals they had on their card, and the first player to say snap won!

Friday 4th December

Today we began the process of making our suspension bridge. After learning about the advantages and disadvantages of truss, suspension, beam and arch bridges we chose one to design and drew a sketch of what our bridge would look like. We then made our first prototype of our bridge, using skills such as folding, rolling, taping etc.