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Gardening Club


Since the start of term, over 20 pupils have signed up to gardening club. So far, we have been concentrating on preparing the vegetable beds for the new growing season, which has meant a lot of weeding! 


We have ordered seeds and tubers and are now waiting to plant them.  Some of us have made watering devices to help us water seeds and plants.  If you would like to make one then scroll down and click on the file to download your copy of instructions. 

Preparing the beds



Autumn is the time of year when people, animals and birds prepare for the cold winter either by hibernation, migration or gathering extra food supplies. 


Did you know?:


Leaves change colour in the autumn due to the green chorophyll breaking down.  This allows the yellows, reds and purples of other chemicals in the leaves to show.


Wildlife Tip:


Don't forget to put extra food out for birds during the coldest months.


Fun Fact:


The earth is closet to the sun in December, even though the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. 


Spring Spotter!


In Spring we often see new growth in the garden.


Wildlife Tip: 


Spring is the time birds start building their nests either in trees or bird boxes.  Can you spot any of these common sights in your garden or the school grounds? 



Did you know? 


Bulbs store carbohydrates over winter months to push through the ground and flower in spring. 


Fun Fact: 


The first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere is the first day of autumn in the Southern hemisphere. 


Watering Devices


Some of us have had fun making watering devices to use when we have planted our seeds.  

How to make a watering device

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Picture 2


We are busy 'chitting' potatoes before we plant them.  We have put the seed potatoes in egg boxes or paint containers.  They  are kept in a cool, light place to grow buds. 

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March 2019 


We have been busy sorting out the shed and working out whether we have enough plant pots for the growing season ahead. 


Today (18th March) we finished planting our 'early' potatoes and have started to grow peas.  Next week we will plant the range of courgettes as well as our seed onions.  We are waiting for the last frosts before we plant the Dahlias, sweet peas, french beans and runner beans. 


It is an exciting time... 


Thank you to Roots & Shoots for providing us with compost and seed potatoes - we are very grateful! 





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