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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Handwriting – one-armed robots

This week, please practice the one-armed robot family of letters. The videos below show how each letter should be formed.

b -

h -

k -

m -

n -

p -

r -


Miss Mowles' Handwriting Challenge: 

I would love it if you could find creative ways to practice these letters (eg. shaving foam, chalk, rainbow writing, etc.) I would love to see your brilliant handwriting and your super creativity!


English – What the Ladybird Heard

Read the story What the Ladybird Heard together or listen to the story here:

What was the ladybird’s plan? Write it down, or whisper it to an adult and ask them to write it down. Remember to explain your plan carefully so everyone understands what they have to do!


Maths – 3D shapes

For Maths today, please do the 3D shape I Spy and add activity attached below.

Look at the I Spy page and work out how many of each 3D shape you can see. For an extra challenge, you can then use the number of each shape you find to make some number sentences on the other page attached, then work out the answer.

Here is a song about 3D shapes you can listen to: