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Wednesday 29th April


  • This week’s spellings are:

1. accident. 2. accidentally. 3. actual. 4. address. 5. although.

  • This week’s fast writing:

Hindu Gods (Same text as last week)


  • 3 random items that you can find around your house, e.g. a toothbrush, a plate and a cushion. Write an exciting story that involve these 3 items – they can either Pick come alive or be used in a different way in your story. I would like you to focus on:


  • Year 3’s Powerful verbs – e.g. instead of the toothbrush went to the kitchen, the toothbrush dashed/flew/hurried/zoomed.
  • Exciting, descriptive vocabulary to describe the characters and the settings.
  • Inverted commas for dialogue (speech).


Make sure your story has a beginning, build up, problem, solution and ending. I have attached some word mats to help make your stories even better, with lots of descriptive vocabulary.



Year 3:

Can you put these in time order? Write the shortest time first.

  • A minute
  • The time to boil an egg
  • A year
  • The amount of time since the Victorians were around.
  • The number of years since the Romans can to Britain
  • Time for the Earth to go around the Sun
  • Number of months since you were born
  • An hour
  • A fortnight

The total amount of time you spend in Maths lessons in a year. (Maths is 1hour, Monday to Friday. We are at school usually for 39 weeks of the year!)


Year 4:

Play this game where you build your own fractions! You can choose to do this using shapes or numbers. I would suggest choosing the shape levels first, to help you see the fractions. Write down the equivalent fractions into your blue Maths books and try drawing the fractions too. 


Once you feel confident with identifying equivalent fractions, try this game where you match them up.