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Wednesday 24th June 2020

English Year 3 and 4: Find the prepositions. Please read the text and highlight/ write down all the place prepositions you find. Then take a look in a book to see if you can find even more and create a Place Preposition list.



Year 3: Measuring shapes. I have attached a sheet of shapes or you can draw your own. First estimate (a good guess) how long each side will be and then measure in mm and cm. Record your results in a chart. You can get more creative by drawing more complicated shapes!




Actual Measurement mm

Actual Measurement cm










Year 4: Look at these letters and draw them into your Maths books. Which of them has the longest perimeter?



Now try drawing: H, F, L and I the same size as the others. Which letter has the longest perimeter now? Order them from smallest perimeter to longest perimeter.