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Wednesday 20th May 2020

English Year 3 and 4: Apostrophes for contractions. I’m is short for (the contracted form of) I am. Please write out what these words are in their full form.

  1. can't
  2. don’t
  3. wont
  4. you’re
  5. I’ll
  6. I’d
  7. it’ll
  8. should’ve
  9. wasn’t
  10. mustn’t


How many other contracted words can you think of? Write these down in their full and shortened form.


Maths Year 3 and 4: Emoji Code Breaker. There are 3 levels of different codes to crack using the emoji’s. 1 star is adding 2 digit numbers. 2 stars is adding 3 digit numbers and 3 stars is adding 4 digit numbers. Choose 1 level to solve.  The answers are contained within the document.