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Wednesday 17th June


This week I would like you to practice these spellings. Remember the handwriting letters we have been practicing!







How will you choose to practice your spellings today?



English: Suffixes

A suffix is a group of letters that is added to the end of a word. None of the words this week need to change for the suffix to be added. Just add the extra letters at the end of each word.

Please help Mr Muddle to add the –ing suffix to his words to show the action, just like we did yesterday.

Challenge: Choose a word you have just made and write it in a sentence. Could you use all of the words in sentences?



Maths – Sharing

Today, five aliens need your help to share out their food equally. Find the correct number of objects or make some cookies using playdough and share them out between the five aliens. How many cookies do the aliens get for each different amount of cookies.

Challenge: Which total amount of cookies gives each alien the most cookies for themselves? Why?



Please keep reading through Bug Club, and practicing Phonics through Phonics Play or the Phonics flashcards. Please also remember you can practice Maths through TT Rockstars, Numbots or games on the Topmarks website.