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Wednesday 17th June 2020

English: Please watch the following video about how to use Speech marks, also known as inverted commas.

Write down using inverted commas and the correct speech punctuation other things that Vicky from the video might say.



Year 3: 1 litre is the same as 1000ml, so 2l = 2000ml and 1.3l = 1300ml.

I have attached a picture of a teacher’s potion shelf! Some of the potions are in ml and some are in l. You need to change the units so they are the same. Add different potions together. What potions will you make?

E.g. Snake oil = 2l and Dragon blood = 1200ml. So I need to change the litres to ml and add them together. Snake Oil 2000ml + Dragon Blood 1200ml = 3200ml.


Year 4: Angle hunt in your home! Can you find and draw at least 3 examples of each type of angle that you can find in your home?

E.g. a table has a right angle, so does a cupboard and a chair. Draw these in 2d in your books.