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Wednesday 15th July 2020

English Year 3 and 4: Based on the book you read yesterday, I would like you to write your own book review. I have attached a few different templates which you can use, or you could create your own.



Year 3: Take a look at the two PowerPoints attached. It gives information about 2D shapes and then you have to guess what shape it is describing. Can you guess each of the shapes from the clues? Then write your own clues about shapes for someone else to guess.


Year 4: Alphabet challenge! I have given each letter a number: A=1, B=2, C=3 etc. Work out how much your name is worth if you added all the letters up. E.g. Hi: H (8) + I (9) = 17.

Start with just your first name, but if you want to challenge yourself, include your last name too. Whose name in your family has the highest value?