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Vision and Values

The Trinity community used the underlying principles of the Church of England’s vision for education to determine our own Vision and Values.


                   Our Vision for Trinity CEVAP

Creative Expression

    • To foster in each child the appreciation of their own and the talents of others.
    • To develop an appreciation of the importance of the creative arts in the development of the whole child.
    • To allow all children the opportunity to grow into confident successful individuals.

Positive Attitudes

    • To develop the ethos of individuals as positive lifelong learners.
    • For every child to enjoy learning and to persevere in the face of difficulty.
    • For every member of staff to foster in each child the belief in their ability to succeed, through positive and constructive feedback and interactions.

Environmental Awareness

    • To use the challenges and experiences of outdoor education to enrich the learning experiences of our children.
    • To teach all our children respect, love and wonder for God’s creation.
    • To use our resources to engage our pupils through high quality learning displays and celebrations of their work.

Pupil Outcomes

    • Through the teaching of key skills in a creative curriculum ensure that the pace of learning and progress for every child is maintained.
    • For all children to reach their potential and to exceed this where possible.
    • For every child to become confident to embrace the challenges of learning in an ever changing technological world.
    • To understand British Values of respect tolerance, individual liberty and democracy and how these are enshrined in British Law

Christian Values

    • Our Christian values and prayer will be at the heart of daily life in our school.
    • We will develop in each child understanding, tolerance and acceptance of the beliefs, traditions and culture of others, through our Christian example and through Religious Education lessons
    • We will build on the cultural heritage of the Church of England as a Church School which reaches out to its wider community and the world.


    • To engage parents fully in the life and leadership of our school, through parent forums, governorship, open days, and volunteering opportunities, so the skills of our whole community are valued and utilised.
    • To ensure that our pupils have a voice in the running of our school through the student council, and that this voice is heard.

Enriching Learning

    • To provide opportunities for pupils to learn essential life skills within the broader curriculum through the provision of clubs, visits and curriculum enrichment days.

Healthy learners

    • To develop every child as a healthy child through sporting provision and activities beyond the curriculum.
    • To create in each child an understanding of healthy life styles and the knowledge to enable them to make healthy and safe choices in life.


To develop an excellent academic and social education within  a Christian environment

So Every Child is able to be their best


Our Values

  • As a Church of England School our Christian values underpin our mission as we serve our community and reach out to the wider world through the teaching of our faith.
  • Through a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment our whole school community is responsible for working together to secure the best possible outcomes for all.
  • Our curriculum challenges children to become their best through exciting and engaging learning activities and environment which builds upon their needs and interests.
  • We recognise the uniqueness of everyone, celebrating and valuing all achievement so that all children grow in confidence as lifelong learners.
  • We believe that we should develop, throughout our community, the skills to live in a multicultural society, recognising, accepting and understanding differences in others.
  • Everyone should consider the effects of their behaviour on others so we can all learn and work in an environment of mutual respect and trust.
  • We believe that healthy active lifestyles are crucial to our intellectual and emotional well-being and these underpin all aspects of school life.
  • We should love and cherish our beautiful world, learning that all life has value no matter how big or small, protecting, nurturing and respecting it..


Our vision and values are simplified for our children into

Our Golden rules:


  • We will listen to and respond to each other politely—We value each other.
  • We will always tell the truth and make the right choices—We value honesty.
  • We will move about our school quietly and safely with respect for others—We value respect.
  • We will respect each other’s right to learn and always do our best—We value knowledge.
  • We will care for our community and everything in it —We value our community.
  • We will show we care for each other by using kindness and good manners—We value kindness.