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Tuesday 7th July


This week I would like you to practice these spellings. Remember to start your letters in the correct place.








How will you choose to practice your spellings today?

Can you use your spellings in a sentence?



English: The Book of Butterflies

Can you remember what happens in the correct order without watching the video first? Watch the video and talk about what happens.

Focus on the room at the beginning. Make a list of words to describe how the room looks, eg. Boring, dull, gloomy, dark, etc. Use these words to help you to write some sentences to describe the room at the beginning.



Maths – Numbers to 100

Listen to the counting in tens song and practice counting in tens. Use your counting in tens skills and your counting in ones skills to work out what numbers up to 100 are being shown. Write the question number on the left of the page in your Maths book, then write the answer.

For an extra challenge, use your knowledge of place value to find the answers to the number sentences attached.