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Tuesday 5th May

English Year 3 and 4: A simile is like or as something as. E.g. The children were as quiet as a mouse. The children are not actually mice but its describing them as something else. Can you write as many similes as possible describing your family members? E.g. My children are like hungry hippos today!


Maths Year 3: Please click on the following link:


This is the National Oak Academy; it is a set of lessons provided by the government. A teacher takes you through a video lesson. Please work through the lesson from Monday 20th April Maths Fractions: To describe the part whole relationship. You watch the teacher on the video and pause the video where needed to complete the learning set. Complete any learning in your Blue Maths Books.


Maths Year 4: Counting in hundredths. If I divide a (rather big) cake into 100 pieces, the cake will have been split into hundredths. Just like we have halves, quarters, fifths, sixths etc, hundredths is the term for something that has been divided into 100. 


Have a look at the work sheets, can you put the fractions in order and then follow the sequence?


Remember that if I have 49/100 I would have 49 pieces of cake out of 100 possible pieces. If my friend had 55/100 they would have 55 pieces of cake out of 100, so they would have a bigger amount.


On the worksheets there are 3 options of difficulty. Choose one that you feel comfortable with and write the answers down in your blue Maths books.