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Tuesday 2nd June

English Year 3 and 4: Homophones! Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. One homophone which is often used incorrectly is there, their and they’re. Please look at the PowerPoint attached and then write out the sentences on the sheet attached, putting in the correct there, their or they’re.


Year 3 Maths: Today solve the 100 more and less questions. All the questions involve learning that has taken place in school. E.g. 120 divide by 10 = 12, as we know 12 X 10 =120. What is 100 more than 120? 120 +100 = 220. Write down the questions and answers in your blue Maths books, just as we would in school.


Year 4 Maths: Division of 3-digit numbers by 1-digit using a division bracket. Please find attached the questions on the sheet below; write the questions in your blue maths books instead of printing. There are 16 questions, but you only need to go up to number 10. Beware, there are remainders on all of the questions. The answers are attached at the end of the document.