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Tuesday 14th July 2020

English Year 3 and 4: Please read a book either on Bug Club or a book at home. I would then like you to create your own questions about the book which you could ask to someone else. Make sure you use a question mark and that you know the answers! It’s like you are creating your own book quiz.



Year 3: Irregular 2d shapes. We call some shapes irregular. This means that they do not have equal sides and angles. For example, a hexagon. These both have 6 sides, but different lengths and angles.

A regular hexagon: 



An irregular hexagon: 


For each shape square, pentagon, hexagon, etc. draw as many irregular shapes as you can. You can draw these in your book, make them with resources in your house (straws, lollipop sticks), outside in the garden with sticks or chalk! I have also attached an irregular shape worksheet you might like to do.


Year 4: Count in 25s! Look at the number sequences on the sheet attached. Add or subtract 25 to find the sequence. Remember, you can use column addition or subtraction to help you.