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Thursday 9th July


This week I would like you to practice these spellings. Remember to start your letters in the correct place.








How will you choose to practice your spellings today?

Can you use your spellings in a sentence?



English: The Book of Butterflies

Watch the video again

Now imagine the book was about a different minibeast. Choose your new minibeast book and draw a picture of how that would change the room at the end. Make sure you draw the minibeast filling the room like the butterflies did, then write some sentences to describe what the room looks like.



Maths – Numbers to 100

We can use a hundred square like a number line. They can help us to compare numbers. We can also use place value to help us: if a number has more tens, it is the greater number.

Have a look at the sheet attached and compare the groups of numbers. Write the question number on the left of the page in your Maths book, then write the answer as ____ is greater. ____ is smaller.

For an extra challenge, can you find the missing numbers from the hundred square? Write the missing numbers in your Maths book.