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Thursday 7th May 2020

English Year 3 and 4: The verb ‘got’ is overworked. Please find attached a text where ‘got’ is over used. Can you write out the text but replacing got/ get with better alternatives.

E.g. When Karen got home from school, she got her tennis racket then got on her bike and got over to Helen’s house.

You could change to: When Karen arrived home from school, she ran to collect her tennis racket and then jumped on her bike to get over to Helen’s house.


Maths Year 3: Draw as many different ways as possible of making half. It could be half of shapes, pictures you draw, half of squares/ grids like shown below. Once you have had a go with ½ try a quarter ¼.















Year 4 Maths: Lines, angles and symmetry. Please see the attached sheet for information.