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Thursday 7th May 2020

Handwriting – one-armed robots

This week, please practice the one-armed robot family of letters. The videos below show how each letter should be formed.

b -

h -

k -

m -

n -

p -

r -


Miss Mowles' Handwriting Challenge: 

I would love it if you could find creative ways to practice these letters (eg. shaving foam, chalk, rainbow writing, etc.) I would love to see your brilliant handwriting and your super creativity!


English – What the Ladybird Heard

Read the story What the Ladybird Heard together or listen to the story here:

In the story, the thieves crept into the farm. What would that look like? Creep like the thieves.

Crept is a verb – it tells you how they acted and what they did.

Can you think of other ways the thieves could have moved? Write a list and act out each verb.

Here are some examples: ran, crawled, stomped.

I have attached below a poster about verbs to remind the children what a verb is.


Maths – 3D shapes

Today, please use 3D shapes in the house to create a picture or a model. You could use junk modelling or make 3D shapes with playdough then build something with them.

You could make a person, a robot, a rocket, etc.

Here is a song about 3D shapes you can listen to: