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Thursday 4th June


This week I would like you to practice these spellings. Remember the handwriting letters we have been practicing!







Miss Mowles' Spelling Challenge: 

I would love it if you could find a creative way to practice your spellings. You could use them in silly sentences, write them in rainbow colours, draw a scribble then fill each section with the different spellings, etc. What ways can you come up with? Don't forget to send me a picture if you try my challenge!



English: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Please read the story (you can find it here, then choose another of the days and create a little food diary for the caterpillar. 

For example: On Monday he ate 1 apple. Then you could draw a picture of him eating 1 apple! I have attached a template that you could follow in your English books.

Look carefully at the days of the week poster I have given you to make sure you spell the days of the week correctly.



Maths – Repeated Addition

Today, I would like you to show me 5 and keep adding more groups of 5, like you did yesterday with the twos. Don’t forget to write out the number sentence to go with how you show me your work!

How many groups of 5 can you add?

For an extra challenge, count in fives. You could use objects in groups of 5 to help you. How far can you get? Here is a song that can help you



Please keep reading through Bug Club, and practicing Phonics through Phonics Play or the Phonics flashcards. Please also remember you can practice Maths through TT Rockstars, Numbots or games on the Topmarks website.