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Thursday 25th June 2020

English Year 3 and 4: Prepositions also describe the position of time and cause of something. Take a look at the attached sheets and answer the questions sorting the prepositions into time, place and cause. Either write on the sheet if you are able or write the answers in your books. The answers are also included. There are three different levels to choose from – 1 star easiest, 2 stars middle and 3 stars the more challenging.



Year 3: Crazy Mazes! I have created a crazy line maze. Can you measure and work out which is the longest line in my crazy maze? Can you create your own crazy maze and measure the lines? You could do this on paper or outside on the ground with chalk!


Year 4: Lesson 3 – converting cm to m and vice versa, and using this to work out the perimeter of different shapes.