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Thursday 16th July


This week I would like you to practice these spellings. Remember that days of the week always start with a capital letter.









How will you choose to practice your spellings today?



English: The Book of Butterflies

Look at your minibeast that you created on Monday and use it to write the next verse of your poem, describing a different feature of the minibeast. Make sure the last word of line two rhymes with the word see again!



Maths – Money

Look at the exchanging money posters to see how we can use different coins or notes to make the same amount. Make sure that if you have a 2p coin, you tap it 2 times when counting it; for a 5p coin, tap it 5 times when counting it; for a 10p coin, tap it 10 times when counting it, etc.

Help Mr Muddle to find out how much money he has in his jars. Write the question number in your Maths book, then write the answer.


For an extra challenge, he has some more jars with money in them. How much money does he have in these jars?



Please keep reading through Bug Club, and practicing Phonics through Phonics Play or the Phonics flashcards. Please also remember you can practice Maths through TT Rockstars, Numbots or games on the Topmarks website.