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Summer Term 1

Making Ancient Egyptian Reed Boats. Using these to create our own instructions.

Trinity Twenty: walk and exploring the in the woods

Pentecost Party!

Mummifying tomatoes!


Tawny Owls learnt all about mummification on the Ancient Egyptian hook day. They mummified tomatoes - we are yet to get them out and have a look! They used lots of different skills such as measuring ingredients and cutting tomatoes. They all can't wait to see what happens at the end of the term! 

Tawny Owl Pharaoh Headdresses


The Tawny Owls turned themselves into pharaohs with beautiful headdress creations. Take a look at the photographs to see all of their wonderful art work. These look fantastic displayed in class and in the art room. 

Creating Ancient Egyptian Bracelets


I have never seen the Tawny Owls concentrate so hard to produce these wonderful Ancient Egyptian bracelets but threading beads. The finished bracelets looked fabulous.