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Thursday 25th March 2021


Today the Tawny Owls carried out their Monet Impressionism inspired watercolour pieces outside. All was going really well until the heavens opened on us! We made a quick dash inside to finish off our masterpieces. 

Maths: Fractions


The children have been learning all about fractions and this week we focused on counting in mixed number fractions, improper fractions and drawing/ representing them in different ways. Here are photographs of the fraction number lines they produced and then ordering fractions. 

Science: Teeth and Eating 

As part of our teeth and eating science unit the children drew around a member of their groups body. They then plotted where they thought the digestive system organs were. Tawny Owls then learned all about the correct position of the organs and their functions. It was a great lesson, lots of fun and learning experienced. 


PSHCE: Keeping Safe and Managing Risks. 


Tawny Owl class looked carefully at a selection of different pictures. They ordered the pictures by the level of risk. The discussions Tawny Owls had were great! They explained carefully why they thought something was high risk and what they thought was low risk. They even discussed what they would do in the situations. 

Home Learning

Here is some of the wonderful home learning which Tawny Owls have been producing during lockdown.  Also included are some of the amazing things that they have been doing within the community and other ways they have been keeping busy.