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Spring Term 2019

So far this half term we have been learning about Winter, Ice and Dark Nights, Dinosaurs and Dragons. The children have had lots of fun learning opportunities including playing with toy people in frozen ice, making Chinese Dragons for Chinese New Year and dancing like a Dinosaur in PE. 


Next half term we will have two topics of Food and Cooking and Springing into Spring.  




In 'Food and Cooking' we will be teaching the children to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions about food, cooking, a healthy diet, food hygiene and the cultural significance of food. 


In Week 1 children enjoy reading Ketchup on Your Cornflakes and The Giant Jam Sandwich. They will share their ideas and opinions about their most/least favourite foods and learn how to find and retrieve information from a book. The children will learn to write lists of ingredients and short instructions for sandwich making.


In Week 2 children use the story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes to explore recipes. The children will understand the textual features of recipes, the need for accurate word choices, and the importance of correctly sequencing instructions. 


Finally in Week 3 the children will explore The Gingerbread Man  to write instructions. They will be able to generate and write instructions to explain their thinking.


For 'Springing into Spring' we will be learning lots as the children observe signs of spring, discuss their thoughts, ideas and feelings about it, and write a caption for an illustration.  In Week 2, Children will read a non-fiction text about birds, explore how birds care for their young, and write labels for a diagram to provide readers with specific information.


In Week 3, the focus is on appreciating how different cultures link springtime to important religious celebrations. Children make predictions about a story, share their experiences and feelings and write factual statements, describing their hopes for spring. We will also be learning about Easter.