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Plants Science Investigation Results

Last week we started off a Science investigation looking at the following 6 questions:


1. Can plants survive in a fridge? (colder temperatures)

2. Can plants survive without any roots?

3. Can plants survive without any leaves? 

4. Can plants survive without a flower?

5. Can plants survive in the dark?

6. Can plants survive without any water?


Mrs Bell took the plants home and checked on them everyday. The results were not what I was expecting or what you predicted!


Here is what I found:

All the plants survived! No change at all, they all measured the same size. The only change found was that some plants wilted/ drooped. The plants in the dark slightly turned a lighter colour. The plants which we cut off the leaves started to grow back. 


Therefore I have decided to save the plants and look after them well. 

Picture 1
Picture 2