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7th March 2018


Over the past three weeks we have been making loom weaves, using the artist Kandinsky as inspiration. We looked at his painting 'Squares with Concentric Circles', discussing what we liked about it. We noticed he used bright colours and decided to use bright colours ourselves. Once we painted our circles we created a loom. Then we weaved using the 'over and under' technique. 

7th March 2018 - Mothers Day afternoon

7th February 2018


We had a great afternoon spending time with our family. We made lighthouses and igloos, as well as playing Maths and Phonics games. 



31st January 2018


We had lots of fun experimenting with Ice! We investigated by:

- Using magnifying glasses to look closely at the ice

- Trying to balance a rubber on the ice

- Spreading salt on the ice 

- Scraping the ice with a toothpick

- Pouring warm water onto the ice 

5th January 2018

Rabbits and Otters really enjoyed their around the world day! We learnt about the planet, made crafts from around the world and played games from other cultures. Lots of fun was had!