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Monday 8th June 2020

English: Reading Comprehension.

Year 3: Walking with my iguana.

Year 4: Childhood Tracks


Year 3 Maths: numbers. Place value- see attached sheet. First write the numbers in numerals (digits). Then write the value of the underlined digit e.g. ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. Lastly circle or write down the digit of the amount given. Answers are also attached. Write the questions and answers in your Maths books or you can print if you are able.


Year 4 Maths: Finding 1,000 more and 1,000 less than a given number. Please start with the ‘coconut shy’ sheet – rather than colouring, you can just write the answers in your Maths books to save printing. If you feel confident with that, move on to the ‘test of strength’ sheet, writing the answers in your books.