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Monday 4th May

This week’s spellings to learn and practice are: homophone words, words that sound the same but mean different things.

1. island and Ireland  

2. weight and wait

3. reign and rain

4. eight and ate

5. heard and herd


Fast writing: George’s Marvellous Medicine. Remember to write out the text improving your handwriting and spellings each time you do it.



Reading comprehension Year 3: The Worst Witch.

Reading comprehension Year 4: Oliver Twist’s Childhood.  


Read the text carefully, then answer the questions in your green English books.

Remember the method for successful reading and answering:

1. Read the question at least two times.

2. Highlight/underline all the key words/phrases.

3. Scan (read quickly) the text for those key words/phrases.

4. Once you have found them, read around the words/phrases to understand the context.

5. Practice the answer in your head – does it answer the question? Does it make sense?

6. Write the answer down in full sentences.


Maths Year 3 and 4: Lots of you enjoyed my previous good or bad deal activity so here is another similar one - BOGOF! (Buy one get one free!) Which is my best deal? Solve the deals to work out if they are a good deal or not.