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Monday 27th April

For the rest of this half term the home learning project is The Natural Local Environment. Please find attached all the information on this project. You can select activities from the grid or you can create your own learning based on theme. As always how you record your project is up to you - it could be making a book, drawings, sketches, models or a mixture of everything. There is also a fact book template attached if you need one.


Today's learning is as follows: 



Year 3 Reading comprehension: Mr Majeika

Year 4 Reading comprehension – Mackerel and Chips! Read the text and answer the questions in your green English books, writing the number of the question and then your answer.


This week’s spellings are:
1. accident. 2. accidentally. 3. actual. 4. address. 5. although.


This week’s fast writing:
Hindu Gods - we use the same text for two weeks in school so that the children can practice and embed the spellings and practice handwriting.


Maths Year 3 and 4: 4 digits investigation!

Using four different digits and the x symbol (multiplication), make the highest possible result.

All the digits have to be used.

For example: if you choose 3, 7, 5, 1, it could give 157 x 3 = 471, or 37 x 51 =1887.

Now choose four other digits and make the largest result using only multiplication.

What conclusions can you make?

What predictions can you make about 5, 6, … digits?


Science: This link takes you to a fun game where your character explores the habitat, collecting coins along the way. There are challenge badges which you also collect that asks you simple questions about plants, animals and humans.