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Monday 15th June 2020

English: Reading comprehension.

Year 3: A Big Surprise

Year 4: Hot Food



Year 3: Measuring capacity/ volume. Capacity is how much a container can hold container for example how much can fill a yoghurt pot. Volume is how much liquid is actually in a container. We measure it in ml and l. There are also different measurements such as pints. Take a look at jugs and containers around your house. Either measure the capacity of objects or find out on a label how much capacity they hold. Record it in a chart. I have also attached a PowerPoint with more information to help you if needed.









Year 4: Types of angles. There are 4 different types of angles:

  • A right angle, which is 90o and can be identified with a small square.
  • Angles smaller than 90o are called acute angles.
  • Angles bigger than 90o (but not bigger than 180o) are called obtuse angles.
  • Angles bigger than 180o (a straight line) are called reflex angles.

Look at the worksheet and write down what each angle is called. Then draw 3 of your own angles in your books. They do not have to be accurately drawn, but please do use a ruler.